Edinburgh baby photography studio


Welcome to the Beautiful Bairns studio!

Our space

The Beautiful Bairns studio has recently moved to a new home setting in the Barnton area of Edinburgh providing much easier access, no stairs and no stress over parking! As we have a smaller space we no longer cater for larger family groups in the studio and recommend these are photographed outdoors for a relaxed, informal family portrait. Please see our Family gallery for examples.

Once everyone has been introduced and refreshed we will begin styling your session to suit your home, decor and personal taste. We have a range of colour schemes, wide variety of props and of course hundreds of gorgeous little accessories to make your beautiful bairns look even cuter than usual!

Edinburgh baby photography studio

Your experience

I want to make sure your experience is as stress free and enjoyable as possible so we strive to ensure you have everything on hand to make sure of it!

The studio is equipped with a number of items to make life that little bit easier such as:

  • Complimentary wifi
  • Fully stocked changing facilities with terry towling change mat covers so baby is comfortable and warm at all times (these are freshly laundered after each session) a selection of nappies, wet wipes, cooled boiled water, cotton wool and nappy sacks
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and cold refreshments
  • Fridge for you to store expressed milk and spare bottles of formula
  • Tommy Tippee perfect prep machine for preparing bottles – we welcome breast and bottle feeding families to the studio and you will never be judged on your choice of feeding
  • Freshly laundered muslins for winding baby
  • Spare iphone chargers
  • Selection of local and national magazines

I always welcome suggestions on ways to improve so if you can think of anything I do not currently have in the studio which could make your visit ore comfortable please do let me know!


I would highly recommend Beautiful Bairns, great quality photos in a very relaxing atmosphere. Rachael really took the time to help relax my baby and make her feel as comfortable as possible, as well as making myself and my partner feel comfortable. Overall very impressed with our experience! We will be back, massive thank you to Rachael you are fantastic!

Natalie Wood

Our Location

The Beautiful Bairns studio has recently moved and we are now conveniently situated in the Barnton area of Edinburgh, very close Corstorphine, Davidson Mains and Blackhall and easily accessible from all areas of Edinburgh and Fife.

There is driveway and on street parking available and we are also accessible by a city wide bus service.

Once you have booked your session with us you will be sent the full street address and directions.