The Beautiful Bairns Photography team is growing! 


If you have emailed Beautiful Bairns over the last month there is a strong chance your reply didn’t come from me, Rachael, but instead from Jo. But who is Jo? And why is she answering my emails?!

Jo is my new admin assistant and will be dealing with website and social media enquiries. As I am so in demand and I have only part time childcare I took the decision it was time to enlist some help so that I can continue to give my clients a relaxed and uncrushed experience. And keep up with all the admin which was starting to pile up!

So who is Jo? Let’s find out! 


“For the last two+ years I’ve been a stay at home mum. I had hoped to return to work last year but my wee boy was diagnosed with a life changing condition that meant it was not feasible to be away from him. I’ve been considering my options in a work from home capacity and when Rachael mentioned needing an admin assistant I threw my hat in the ring and here I am!”
Now for some fun facts about Jo:
Number of children: 2
Fave drink: Depends on time of day! At the moment diluting lemon juice.
Fave biscuit: Dark chocolate digestive
Fave band: Queen/Biffy Clyro/Elbow… Mike Oldfield (I know not a band but he’s awesome!)
Nicknames: Jo, Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo, Josephine, JBF, Marianne (when someone thinks I’m my sister!)
How did I join the team: friends with Rachael and just got chatting at toddler group
Least favourite kids tv programme – just one?! Teletubbies, Peppa Pig, Tweenies…

So there you have it, the mysterious Jo has been revealed! I will still be dipping in and dealing with anything that needs my attention and if you are a returning client it will most likely be me who replies rather than Jo. If you ever want to chat to me specifically please do just say so and Jo will mark your email as for my attention!

Now where did she put those biscuits……

Rachael x

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