Time flies, life is busy, precious moments come and go……

As a Mum of 2 very lively & adventurous boys, I’m all too aware of this; and this is why I LOVE capturing YOUR memories! I’m Louise and I’m the face behind Truly Treasured Originals, an Edinburgh based business that specialises in encapsulating those nearest and dearest to us forever. My newest range, Baby Bump Casting has just been ‘delivered’ and I’m bursting to tell you more about it!

Baby Bump Casting – Why?

Pregnancy only lasts for a limited time – granted at the time this is often not limited enough but in reality it doesn’t last forever. When you eventually meet your gorgeous baby and your baby bump slowly starts to disappear you’ll forget to appreciate the beauty of your bump and how your now tiny person once fitted so perfectly in there.  I’ll be honest with you, pregnancy and I didn’t agree with each other, I had Hyperemesis (like Princess Kate) and couldn’t wait for it to be over however that didn’t mean I wasn’t amazed at how my body was changing and growing my beautiful babies. Because I felt so poorly I didn’t want many photo’s taken of me with my baby bumps, something that I now feel really sad about so my memories are limited. My boys are now 5 and 2 years and my body has pretty much returned to pre pregnancy state (apart from a few extra tummy rolls!) and I wish I could remember more about how my pregnant body looked and nestled my babies. From the moment I met them I’ve been capturing their special moments to keep forever but I wish I had more of them before we met.  Bump casting starts your memory making process before you’ve even met your baby and gives you a tangible memory of your baby’s first nest.

What does it involve?

I start with applying Organic Coconut Oil to your pregnant belly and any other area that I will be casting, pretty much like a little massage! Next comes the really fun part…..I apply layers of wet bandage, just like the bandage used for broken bones to cover your bump. As I work, the bandages will start to dry and harden and as this happens your cast will slowly release from your bump and voila we have your babies nest. All this is done in about 20-30 minutes.

How does it feel?

I’ve not had a cast of my pregnancy belly myself but there’s a consistent theme that I’ve heard from the Mama’s to be that I’ve cast…..that it’s like having a relaxing treatment in a salon! I will make sure your comfortable before I start and ensure that you remain calm and relaxed throughout your ‘treatment’ – I’ll also have drinks and snacks available for you to help yourself to! When the bandages are first applied, they may feel a little cool but I work quickly and as the cast begins to harden it becomes lovely and warm – the Mama’s I’ve worked with have really liked this feeling! And once the cast has hardened it just peels easily away from your baby bump – completely painless!

What to do with your nest

After your casting session, I will let your nest dry thoroughly, before reinforcing it and finishing it in white – then we get creative! Your babies nest can be finished in a variety of ways but firstly you may want to use it as part of your beautiful newborn photo shoot.  What could look more gorgeous than your baby nestled perfectly in your baby bump showing off how amazingly they fit in to your body? Having your baby’s nest as part of your photoshoot will be a unique & distinctive personal prop that will capture a truly treasured moment. Moving on from your photoshoot, or if using it in a newborn photo shoot isn’t for you your bump nest can be turned into a piece of art, celebrating your baby and your body. Or maybe something functional – a bowl or a space to store some baby keepsakes in. Whatever you choose, I will work with you to design exactly how you’d like your baby’s nest personalised.

To find out more or to contact Lou to chat about your own bump cast please visit the Truly Treasured Originals Facebook page!

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