Blossom photo shoots 2019

This Spring I will be holding beautiful Blossom mini sessions in my central Edinburgh studio. Short & sweet sessions lasting 15 minutes which is plenty of time to capture a cute collection of images of your child. 

Please note these sessions are suited to children age 3 and older only and no exceptions will be made. 

So why in the studio and not outside? Well quite simply its easier – for you and your child. No worries about weather. No dogs bounding up to distract/scare your child. No confusion over location and where eactly you should be. I have everything needed on site for a fun, relaxed and stress free experience. Free on site parking, toilets, changing rooms, mirrors, waiting room and of course a gorgeous supply of blossom!


A very professional and relaxed experience. Rachael was great at putting Francesca at ease and made the blossom photo shoot fun and enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Hattie Logan

Morningside, Edinburgh

So what do you need do/know now you have booked?

  • Styling – I recommend simple, soft styling with nothing shiny/glittery/character driven. Think soft, whimsical and pretty. Most importantly please ensure the top half fits properly and isn’t gaping so we don’t have to waste time pinning clothing so it sits correctly. If you don’t trust your child not to dirty their outfit in transit please allow an extra 5 minutes before your session so they can change in the toilets.
  • Hair – please ensure hair is done before you arrive! I have a supply of hair clips if needed for stray hairs but if your child has big/long hair feel free to leave it down! Curls, side buns, French plaits all look gorgeous so hair can be as styled or natural as you like.
  • Hygiene – as this is a mini session not a full length session only light editing is included. This does not extend to removal of snot, dirty fingernails, chipped nail varnish, paint/pen marks or sticky tattoo/plaster marks so please make sure all of tis is taken care of at home! 

On arrival:

  • Please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before your allocated time slot so that you have time to clean faces and hands, wipe noses and tidy up hair.
  • Please plan your journey in advance, we are roughly 5 minutes drive from Colinton, Spylaw, Longstone, Chesser, Craiglockhart and around 10 minutes drive from Corstorphine, Murrayfield, Bruntsfield, Morningside, Braids and Marchmont. 
  • We have a free car park on site but if this is full please park at Lidl on Slateford Road which is free for 90 minutes
  • Please wait in the reception area/members lounge and I will come to collect you and take you to the studio

Some additional information:

  • As these sessions are short and sweet I ask that you do not bring young siblings or extended family to the session who will most likely interfere with the running of the session and cause delays and distractions
  • Sickness policy – if your child is ill within 48hrs of the session please contact me immediately and we will reschedule. To protect myself, my children and my clients I cannot allow anybody into the studio with D&V symptoms within a 48 hour period. 
  • Late arrival will result in forfeit of time slot and only remaining time will be available to you as sessions are booked back to back


Studio address:

3 Gorgie Park Road


EH14 1NL

If you have any questions in advance of your appointment please email rachael@beautifulbairns.com

I look forward to welcoming you to the studio!

Rachael 🙂

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