What is a Doula?!

What is a Doula?!

Doulas have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many families who come to me with their newborns have used the services of a doula and I have met several over the years. But I still wasn’t entirely sure of their exact role. So I invited the... read more

When our second son was born I stepped out from behind the camera. Like most new mums I didn't feel great about how I was looking, my roots almost certainly needed doing and I probably had no clue what day of the week it was! But can you tell from those photos? Nope. All I see is love. The images of me holding him are the most precious photos of me in existence. Because we never thought he would happen. But he did. And he completed our family. So I get it, you're tired and you might not feel at your best. But trust me in a year or so when you look at those photos you wont see those things. You will see love. And so will your children when they look at those same images in years to come.

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Life beyond the studio..... Some silly nonsense about me!

  • Favourite smells: my children when the snuggle into me, and fresh jasmine
  • Favourite sounds: baby giggles, my children playing together, ice cubes hitting glass and anything by Biffy Clyro
  • Favourite places: any beach in Caithness (my home county), Applecross, Rio & my bed on a Sunday morning!
  • My signature dish: I wish I could say something fancy but it's most likely lentil soup, Im a highland girl!
  • Go to treats: a bath, a cold glass of wine and a good book - bliss


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