You fill your phones with endless photos of your kids yet feature in next to none of them.

You love the idea of a gorgeous family portrait to hang on the wall but the thought of actually having to get in front of the camera fills you with dread.

I want to change that!


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I prefer to photograph families outdoors for a few reasons:


  1. Once kids can move, they want to! And trying to get a 2yr old to stay in one spot for more than a millisecond takes some serious ninja skills! Which is why I wont expect your kids to stand still, instead I let your kids run around and explore, and run around like a mad woman to capture them being themselves.
  2. Children can easily become overwhelmed, shy or intimidated in a formal studio setting particularly when introduced to a stranger who expects them to sit or stand still and smile on command. Outdoors is so much more informal and relaxed for kids and their grown ups.
  3. Variety is the spice of life! You probably don’t want endless images of your family all looking the same, posing on a plain background looking and feeling awkward. Outdoor locations provide a gorgeous mix of backdrops without the need for formal posing or forced smiles.

So what can you expect?

I wont ask your children to smile and I wont expect them to stand still!

Instead I will be silly, tell stories and amuse them with my endless repertoire of silly noises and bad dad jokes so we can capture genuine, natural smiles.

Your family photoshoot will feel more like a walk with friends than a photoshoot with plenty of fun, giggles and maybe even some bum wiggling!


If you’re not sure what to wear for your shoot why not check out my style guide?


If you want an outdoor family shoot but you’re not sure on where, I have a handy guide to locations.


We had a family photo shoot (2 grandparents, 4 parents and 2 children aged 1 and 2) with Rachael at Cammo Estate and we are absolutely thrilled with our photos! I was really nervous about the photo shoot before hand as I don’t particularly like getting my photo taken and having a very active 2 year old I wondered how it would all work! I’m delighted to say that after meeting Rachael for the first time we all warmed to her straight away and she was fantastic with the children!! She made them laugh and had techniques to get them to look at the camera which worked a treat! Rachael made us feel so relaxed about it all that it was actually a lovely experience and like a nice family day out! Rachael certainly knew where to go to take some beautiful photos in the estate, the backdrop to all of our photos is stunning! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachael to others who are considering a family photo shoot, you will be surprised at how relaxed she makes it for you! Thanks Rachael for our beautiful photos, we will treasure them! 

Susan Mitchell


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