Newborn Photography Edinburgh: How I keep your babies comfortable during their Newborn Photoshoots

Whether you are a new parent or not, you may have never been to a photography studio before. So you probably wonder what to expect when you bring your newborn baby for their newborn photoshoot. Everything I do in during newborn photoshoots is to keep your baby feeling as comfortable and secure as possible. And this is achieved by replicating much of what they remember from being in the womb.

Much of what I do to soothe and settle a baby to sleep is based on things your baby was conscious of when in your belly. Your heartbeat, the sound of the blood in the umbilical cord and the toasty warmth of the amniotic fluid. Life on the outside is very different! So by replicating much of what they are familiar with your baby will feel secure and comforted.

1.) Warmth – Newborn babies love to be warm and cosy just like they were in the womb. The amniotic fluid provided them with a nice constant temperature of 36.6 degrees – a far cry from your average Scottish temperature! Added to the fact that a newborn can’t yet regulate their body temperature and you can understand why they flinch and cry when cold. For newborn photoshoots I warm up the studio before you arrive and use a small space heater to keep warm air circulating around your baby.


2.) White noise – for the 9 months your baby was in the womb they have heard no sharp noises. The amniotic fluid softened and muffled outside noises. Your heartbeat, digestive system etc all created additional sounds so it was never quiet! You can understand then why new babies startle easily at sudden noises. That doesn’t mean they need silence, on the contrary white noise is incredibly soothing and familiar to them.


3.) Gentle posing and transitions – the more experienced a newborn photographer the easier they will be able to transition your baby between poses. Knowing how to support your baby at all times and to transition them gently is key. With over ten years experience of newborn photoshoots I will read your baby to understand what they find most comfortable.


4.) Swaddling – by wrapping baby up nice and snug we can recreate how they felt inside the womb ie warm and cosy and like they are being held. Its amazing how many parents tell me their baby hates being swaddled then are amazed at how quickly the doze off after I have wrapped them up! Wraps used in the studio are only used for short periods of time and are not suitable for use at home but I highly recommend the Love to Dream Swaddle sleeping bags which I used with my youngest from birth!


5.) Patience – your baby is the boss! At all times your baby’s comfort and needs come first. If that means they need a top up feed or some extra mummy cuddles then that is exactly what they will get. Newborn sessions are entirely baby led with plenty of time for nappy changes, feeding and winding and of course cuddles!


professional newborn photography by beautiful bairns photography edinburgh of baby boy wrapped in orange wrap laid on rainbow print fabric
cake smash photoshoot Edinburgh, montage of professional cake smash photos by Edinburgh photographer Beautiful Bairns
professional newborn baby photo of baby boy laid on tummy wearing grey sleepy hat on green blanket by edinburgh newborn photographer beautiful bairns photography

Rachael is a fabulous photographer, very friendly, professional and great with both our daughters (10 days and 4years old). The newborn shoot went very smoothly and Rachael was fab at settling our baby and quickly and efficiently getting her in all the poses needed with minimal fussing from our little one.
We were blown away with how gorgeous the pictures were when we went back for our viewing. Couldn’t have wished for better!! 

Ali Black

For more information on newborn sessions including fully transparent pricing and details of how book please visit the newborn page.

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