You’ve searched “maternity photoshoot near me” and then wonder – is this vanity?

Unless you are a Kardashian or reality TV star you may well have had that moment of uncertainty. Am I being vain for even considering a maternity photoshoot? What makes me feel special enough to have photos taken of “just me”? Am I *gasp* VAIN?!

And the short and simple answer is no.

Maternity photoshoots aren’t about vanity. And I can assure you many women who have maternity photoshoots come in feeling unsure of themselves. Comparing themselves to other women. Worrying about the extra weight they’ve put on. Or the new stretch marks on their belly. Until we start to chat. And that’s when I get to see somethign truly magical happen in front of my eyes. Suddenly the woman starts to talk about thier pregnancy, the baby they are so excited to meet and hold and love. And THAT is what a maternity photoshoot is all about. The excitement and pride in our unborn baby and how much love we have for them before even holding them!

I get to see women transform from “pregnant woman” to MOTHER. And that is truly magical.

THAT is where the beauty lies. No matter your age, dress size, weight or how many stretch marks you have gained.

The immense love you have for your baby who isn’t even here yet. When youy talk about that baby your face lights up. Your smile widens. Your eyes shine. And that is beautiful.

So please, put those worries aside. I have dozens of beautiful silky fabrics in a rainbow of colours to choose from. We will create the perfect looks for you to showcase your beautiful pregnant body with as much or as little skin on show are you are comfortable with. All body shapes and sizes are catered for. And I will join your excitement about this brand new life you are bringing into the world. And make you feel like a queen.

Those new stretch marks? They’re your mama stripes. And whether we embrace them or airbrush them away, you sure as heck won’t feel bad about them!

professional maternity photoshoot of pregnant woman by Edinburgh maternity photographer Beautiful Bairns Photography

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Thank you for a wonderful experience Rachael! We are so happy we chose you, I can’t believe it is me in the pictures! I’m absolutely in shock at how amazing they are!

So maybe now you feel a little braver? Want to know more? Pop over to the maternity page for all the info you need.

And if you fancy something different to what you see here please get in touch, I’d love to create something special for you!

Rachael x

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