Top tips for a teething baby

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Top Tips for a teething baby

Before you have a baby you might spot those tell tale rosy red cheeks and think – “Oh how cute!” But as a parent it’s not so cute when your baby suddenly seems unsettled, unhappy and refusing their normal comforters.

So what helps to soothe those sore gums and provide your baby with some much needed relief? 

Thankfully the answer is LOTS of things will help. But sadly as with most things baby related, none of them tend to work all of the time. 

They do like to keep us on thier toes don’t they?!

So first thing’s first – how to tell if your baby is teething? here are some of the most common tell tale signs that your baby is teething:

– Gum is red and sore as tooth is trying to break through. Sometimes this can be difficult to spot especially for back teeth.

–  A mild temperature is common when teething, Typically this is no higher than 38 degrees.

–  Rosy red cheeks – these can also feel hot to the touch at times. 

– Excess dribbling – this is very common when a new tooth is coming.

– More regular chewing on hands or toys

– Rubbing their ears

– Not sleeping as well as usual

–  More grumpy thank usual


Now the tricky part – what actually helps with these symptoms?

– Anbesol liquid is my magic potion of choice for gum pain caused by teetjhing. Unlike teething gels and powders which get swallowed, this liquid is isntantly absorbed. It provides pain relief to the gum area and can be used multiple times per day. You can also get this for free if your child is registered at your local chemist. See the NHS Pharmacy First website for details (formerly known as minor ailments)

–  If baby has a slightly higher temperature than normal you can give them liquid paracetamol such as Calpol. You can also get non brnaded options from your lcoal chemist. 

–  If baby’s cheeks feel hot to the touch a cool damp facecloth can help provide some relief. Pop it in the freezer and offer it to baby to chew too, they love it!

– With dribbles come rashes – if your baby is dribbling a lot then a good dribble bib is essential. You can use nappy rash cream on their chin/neck and chest if need be but use sparingly so you dont dry out their delicate skin. 

– Something cold to chew on can provide a lot of relief – popping a dummy in the fridge is an easy and quick option. If you have any gel based teethign toys store them in a tub in the fridge so they are cool to chew on.

– If baby is old enough for solids a frozen banana is a tasty treat that also provides soothing relief to those sore gums. Try other things like avocado or mango and see what your little one enjoys best. You can even freeze mashed up fruit and smoothie in trays for little frozen treats. 


Having a teething baby can be hard. It’s never fun knowing your little one is unhappy for whatever reason. I hope these ideas and tips help you and your little one through this stage. And if you discover any brillliant things I should add to the list please do get in touch!



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