Top tips for booking your newborn session

If you have found this blog post I would hazard a guess that you are expecting a baby and are considering a newborn photoshoot. Google will have shown you dozens of options and you may have heard of some of them. But how do you choose the right newborn photographer for you?

In this blog I will explain a few things to look out for when choosing a newborn photographer and when is best to book.

1. Style of newborn photography

When you start looking at different photographers you will see that there different styles of newborn photography. So when deciding who you want to book with for your newborn session it’s helpful to know what you are looking for.

For example as a studio newborn photographer I offer the option to incorporate props, sleepy newborn poses and family and sibling photos in your newborn session. An in-studio newborn session allows you to forget about the laundry and dishes at home. When you visit the studio you can relax with a cup of tea and enjoy a few hours away from the interruptions of daily life (and unexpected visitors!) while your Edinburgh newborn photographer soothes and poses your baby. 

However if you want to have your newborn baby photographed in your home to show their nursery, your lounge etc you may prefer a lifestyle newborn session. A lifestyle newborn session takes place in your home which is used as the backdrop for simple swaddled images and they tend to focus more on images of the parents with baby rather than baby on their own. You will typically need to provide your own clothing, baby hats and accessories etc.

2. Pricing

Unlike say plumbing or joinery there is no fixed industry standard of pricing within newborn photography. Which can make it difficult to know what is a “good” price. 

It’s easy to save money by booking a friend who is “good with a camera” or someone who is just starting out so are offering incredibly cheap prices. But the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is definitely true when it comes to newborn photography.  

Some newborn photographers work another job and supplement their income with photography. Some offer a fully inclusive price which includes your session and all images. Others charge a session fee then charge for images on top. And the price itself can vary enormously. So I would always recommend you are fully aware of the pricing in advance of booking. I personally have always had my prices clearly set out on my website with no hidden costs. As a customer this is my preference and I am not a fan of the bait and switch tricks some businesses use to get people in the door. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is! With over 12 years experience and a LOT of training plus using the best products available, I promise your investment is worth it. Your newborn photos are to be treasured for years to come and you don’t want to regret your choice to save a few £ 

3. Experience

Don’t ever be afraid to ask your potential newborn photographer what professional newborn training they have had. I am always more than happy to answer your questions in advance of booking and am proud of the training that I have invested in to give you the best experience.

I have personally taken multiple first aid training sessions and have also trained with the best trainers in the UK newborn industry.

The scary thing with newborn photography is that it is unregulated. Put simply anyone can buy a camera, set up a facebook page and call themselves a newborn photographer. But when it comes to your newborn session, I personally advise using someone who is experienced. Sadly, there are so many horror stories out there when babies are put in the hands of untrained and inexperienced newborn photographers.

Using a photographer without professional training is putting your newborn baby at risk. I recommend you only used a high reputable, experienced professional photographer. Google reviews are a great way to check what past customers have to say about a newborn photographer and put your mind at ease.

5 star google review of edinburgh newborn photographer beautiful bairns photography by happy client who wrote review after their newborn session

4. Baby safe newborn posing

As previously discussed anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a photographer. And if someone has not undergone professional newborn photography training they may inadvertedly put your baby at risk. Having undertaken extensive newborn posing training I am able to ensure your baby’s circulation and airways are never compromised. posed newborn photography should only be attempted with specialist training. And some are a little bit of photoshop magic.

Like froggy pose. You may have spotted it on my website, it is one of my most requested poses. And it should only ever be done as a composite image. but what does that mean? 

Put simply, it is two photos merged in photoshop. I support baby at the wrists and take the first photo. I then ask a parent to support the top of baby’s head and I take the second photo.

newborn baby in froggy pose by edinburgh newborn photographer             newborn baby boy in froggy pose by edinburgh newborn photographer beautiful bairns

The two images are merged together in photoshop and you can see the finished image below.

newborn baby boy in froggy pose by edinburgh newborn photographer beautiful bairns

Baby safety is always my top priority in your newborn session.

5. Booking your newborn session

All photographers work differently. Some book your newborn due date then ask you to get in touch once baby is born then give you a date they want you to come in. This may not be ideal for you as it may mean you are forced to leave the house before you or baby feel ready to. Some don’t take any advance bookings and only ask you to get in touch once baby is born. This means you are at the mercy of what space they have available around other bookings so you might feel rushed. I have an online booking system that allows you to secure your due date in my calendar. I only book a maximum of 6 due dates each month so regardless if baby arrives early or late you will have multiple dates to choose from. If baby has been born already and you have yet to secure a newborn session please get in toouch and I will send all available dates and do my best to fit you in as soon as possible.


If you’d like to know more about what to expect from a newborn session with me please check out my behind the scenes newborn photoshoot video!

Want to find out more about a newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh?

I would love to discuss what you are looking for in your newborn photographer. If you would like to meet in person in advance we can arrange an in studio consultation. That way you can ask any questions you have and find out if I am the right newborn photographer to capture this special time for you.

If you are currently pregnant and would like to find out more about our newborn photoshoots please click here for full details.

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