Top tips for parents expecting newborn twins

Top tips for parents expecting newborn twins

It’s been almost 7 years since I had a newborn at home, boy did that go fast! Although in many ways it feels like forever ago I still remember the feeling of overwhelm at being resposible for a tiny human. And I was only having a singleton baby. I would imagine that if you are pregnant with twins it might feel a lot more overwhelming or even scary! As I get a lot of twins booking in for newborn photography sessions I thought it was time for some twins content on the blog. So I asked local twin mum Nicole for her top tips for preparing to welcome newborn twins into your family.

Over to Nicole…….

Top 5 tips for preparing for newborn twins

1. Lower your expectations.

A friend and fellow twin mum said this to me early on in my pregnancy and it has stuck with me ever since. Everything about a twin pregnancy and life with twins, is different from a singleton. So lowering my expectations has really helped me. When pregnant, it was okay if I had days (or weeks) where I had no energy to do normal daily tasks. I was growing two babies and my expectations were lowered to allow me to focus only on what my body needed. Once the twins arrived, it was okay to find things hard, not achieve lots in a day etc. Lowering my expectations has allowed me to focus on my children more because everything else matters less.

2. Take help.

Take any help that is offered to you. Don’t be too proud to accept it and make sure you ask for help if you are struggling.

3. Join the Edinburgh twins and multiples Facebook group.

They run fantastic ante natal classes and it allows you to connect with other parents of multiples. They also have a brilliant selling page which makes the many purchases you need much more reasonable.

4. Buy a double sling!

You’re going to want to cuddle both of your babies all the time and having a double sling makes this so much easier. Nothing beats having your babies snuggled in close to you and still having your hands free!

5. Embrace the love from strangers!

With my singleton I’d go for walks and blend right in with everyone else, I was never stopped. But pushing a double buggy means that everyone is going to stop you to ask for a look and honestly I love it! I am so proud of my beautiful babies and I love that people want to meet them and say hello to them when we are out and about. At first I found it a little overwhelming because every walk took five times as long as it needed to but now that I’ve learnt to embrace it I love it. Show those babies off with pride and let strangers tell you how well you are doing because you are and you should feel proud!

Enjoy the wild ride that is life with multiples. You’re going to find yourself in a world where someone always needs you, someone always wants a cuddle, your hands are never free but your heart is never fuller. It’s the most special club in the world!

For more information about the Edinburgh twins and multiples club see their website here: https://edinburghtwins.org/




newborn twins wrapped and posed in heart shaped bowls by Newborn photographer Edinburgh

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