Baby Photographer secrets to a sleepy baby!

“What if my baby won’t sleep” is one of the most commonly asked questions for newborn photographers! As most of the newborn photos you will see are of babies posed asleep. So many parents to be and new parents worry. And I get that. I took our youngest to be photographed by one of my favourite photographers and was SO nervous he wouldn’t sleep! And you know what? I followed the prep guide to the letter. I was bang on time. And he was a wee monkey! But we got there in the end because I trusted the photographer to do what they did best.

Being a newborn photographer requires many skills. Patience is one of the top three! Babies can be little pickles. They do something a few times in a row and bam! We think we have it sussed! Then they throw it all out the window! Back to square one! This is all completely normal and it doesn’t phase me!

I will send you advice on how to prepare for your session. Nothing out of the ordinary just suggestions such as bathing baby that morning. A full feed before leaving the house. And dressing baby in clothing that is easy to remove without waking them. Not rocket science. but stuff you don’t normally have to think about. And you don’t now either because that’s my job!

When you get to the studio it will be nice and warm. The studio is cleaned with all natural cleaning products with no strong smells. I use a white noise machine to muffle any noise from outdoors. It is a calm environment and everyone can relax and get comfy. If baby needs cuddles they get them! And when you are ready to hand them over to me I have plenty of gentle tricks to coax them off to sleep.

But even after working with over 500 newborns and being a mummy for ten years not every baby will sleep. And that’s okay! I won’t be mad! What I will do is work with your baby photograph them awake. In gentle poses that are safe to achieve with an awake baby. And typically this along with being wrapped up snug will encourage them to doze off! So I can crack on with those gorgeous curled up sleepy shots.

So please, don’t panic! Your baby may not sleep. But I will try all the tricks in my repetoire. And if they outfox us all then I promise you will still get beautiful photos of your tiny baby to treasure for years to come!

We could not be more delighted with the photos Rachael has taken of our little girl. The whole experience was lovely and I would highly recommend her. Rachael put us completely at ease, had my crazy toddler totally charmed and demonstrated magic baby whispering skills with our newborn. The pictures themselves are fabulous and we will be booking her again as the kids get bigger!

Nicola Granger

February 2018

Hopefully, that has reassured you a little! If you’d like to see more gorgeous newborn images you can head back to the newborn page by clicking here!

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