A newborn photoshoot during a global pandemic

A newborn photoshoot during a global pandemic

What to expect from a newborn photoshoot during a global pandemic?

What a year it has been. Endless changes, masks, lockdowns and isolation. It’s taken its toll on us all. Covid fatigue is a thing. And by now we are all a bit sick of it really aren’t we?

But just because we are fed up doesn’t mean we can relax just yet. And for pregnant ladies and new parents it’s a scary, anxious time to bring a new life into the world.

Thankfully since April 26th newborn photoshoots have been allowed to resume. There are a few changes I have had to make but in general newborn photoshoots are running as they always have.

I thought it would be helpful to write a little post about what to expect from a newborn photoshoot just now. To hopefully reassure anyone who is unsure if it is safe to book a session just now.

So here is a breakdown of my covid safety measures which I hope will reassure you all. And further down you can hear a first hand account from Catriona who recently visited the studio for her daughter’s newborn photoshoot.

Covid safety measures in the studio

1. Only one newborn session per day

This ensures that I can deep clean the studio between clients and no mixing with other families. When a family leaves the studio all windows are opened fully for ventilation. All touch points are wiped down with Zoflora including changing table, door handles etc. Floors are hoovered and mopped with antibac/anti viral solution.

2. All fabrics washed after use

This isn’t new, I always wash everything baby touches regardless of toilet accidents. Everything is washed in non bio laundry detergent to protect delicate baby skin.

3. Quarantine shelf

Anything that cannot be washed (such as headbands) is prayed with zoflora after use and put into “quarantine” for at least 3 days before being used again.

4. Masks

All adults must wear a mask for entering the building and for the duration of the photoshoot. Parents can remove their mask to be photographed but then put it back on again for the remainder of the session. I wear a mask at all times.

I hope reading this reassures any anxious parent that the studio is an incredibly clean, hygienic environment to bring your baby.

5. Weekly testing

Myself and my family are doing lateral flow tests twice a week to ensure we remain covid negative. If any of us were to test positive we will isolate and all sessions will be rescheduled until isolation is complete and we all test negative.

Now over to Catriona to tell you about her experience of a newborn photoshoot in covid times!

“We were nervous about taking our 2 week old baby for a photoshoot, in case she cried the whole time / made a mess / was too restless, but from start to finish, the whole experience was simply fabulous.

The venue was very easy to find- nice and central, with plenty parking right outside the front door (ideal for two first time parents still trying to figure out how the pram works!).

Rachael was there to greet us, and put us at ease straight away. With full Covid precautions in place, the first thing we observed was that the studio was immaculately clean, airy and nicely warm to keep the wee one comfortable. Rachael talked us through her plans for the shoot, asked further questions about our daughter (we had been asked lots of info in advance), and made us both feel really at ease that we were working with a professional.

We felt completely confident handing our baby to Rachael. She clearly has tonnes of experience with little ones- understanding their movements, the sounds they make, the facial expressions, and knowing when they were happy / uncomfortable / needing a cuddle / on the verge of sleep / on the verge of filling their nappy (!!!) and she handled our baby as if she were her own, all the while confirming to us how lovely our baby girl is 🙂

There was a great selection of clothing and props available for the photos, and Rachael worked at a pace where the baby was never getting restless, and we never felt rushed. If the baby needed a cuddle, a change or a feed, she was swiftly handed to one of us, and we were given time and space to do what was needed.

The outfits and props were selected and used carefully, with the baby oblivious to all the work and skill that was put into making each shot perfect. Rachael explained each step in the process, and answered any questions that we had.

Today, we have seen the final photos and we are beyond delighted!! She has captured out little one’s character 100%. The images are stunning, and the family shots are absolutely perfect. I DETEST having my photo taken, but Rachael made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and I actually look quite good in the final pics 😀

I cannot recommend Beautiful Bairns enough. We shall definitely use Rachael again for future photo shoots as our daughter gets older, and are thrilled to bits with the whole experience.

professional maternity photoshoot of pregnant woman by Edinburgh maternity photographer Beautiful Bairns Photography

I hope hearing Catriona’s experience and knowing the measures in place helps to reassure all parents to be. And if you would like to know more about my newborn photoshoots please head over to the newborn page for all the details.

Hope to welcome you to the studio soon!

Rachael x

Why a maternity photoshoot is a must!

Why a maternity photoshoot is a must!

Why a maternity photoshoot is a must for all pregnant women not just models!

Almost every new mum who comes to the studio tells me the same thing. They didn’t have a maternity photoshoot because they didn’t think it was for them. For a decade now women have been telling me the reasons they chose not to have a maternity photoshoot and guess what? They all say almost the exact same thing!

Thanks to celebrity culture there is a worry that having maternity photos taken is a bit “show off-y” for the average mum to be. That it means you are vain, or think you’r amazing or something else ego driven. Or that you have to have the “perfect body” with perfect skin and no stretch marks. And ladies that just isn’t the case!

I truly believe that ALL pregnant women’s bodies are incredible! We are literally growing new life inside of us. We are single handedly keeping two hearts beating! How incredible is that?! So please believe me when I say stretch marks don’t matter a jot. And if you really hate them, I can remove them with some photoshop magic 😉

So here are a few myth busters for anyone who looks longingly at these images and thinks they’re stunning but doubts their confidence in having them done for themselves.

1. You don’t have to be a certain size to have gorgeous maternity photos

At the Beautiful Bairns studio I have dresses to cater to all women. Whether you are a size 6 or a size 26 I will have something you look and feel incredible in!

2. You don’t have to get naked!

Sure you can flash the flesh if you want to, but there is no pressure at all to get your kit off. I regularly photograph ladies who for religious, cultural or personal reasons prefer to dress more modestly and not expose their legs/bumps etc. I have options to suit everyone!

3. Nobody has perfect skin

Seriously, they don’t! Pregnancy hormones can do some crazy stuff to our bodies and our skin too. Great lighting, your usual make up and a little photoshop magic can hide any breakouts or veins.

4. People won’t think you’re a poser

Us Brits can be a funny bunch. Women especially are super hard on themselves and worry way too much about what others think. Your maternity photos are for you, nobody else. So you don’t have to share them or show them to anyone if you don’t want to. But please trust me when I say this – nobody will think you’re full of yourself! I have never once, in over ten years, had a single negative comment on a maternity image. Not one. On the flipside the amount of love and praise women receive on their photos is incredible!

5. This is the first photo of your baby

Whether this is your first or last baby, chances are when they are a toddler they will be fascinated by the idea that they grew in your belly! Being able to show them photos of your bump is such a lovely way to show them where it all began.

professional maternity photoshoot of pregnant woman by Edinburgh maternity photographer Beautiful Bairns Photography

Still unsure if a maternity photoshoot is for you? Then read Melissa’s experience!

Rachael, you’re simply amazing. Thank you for a memorable maternity session. I never imagined I’d walk away feeling as empowered and beautiful as you made me feel. Typically shy and introverted, I naturally felt quite nervous initially and always assumed these shoots were for “model-type” women only… but I am so grateful I decided to do it!!! Ladies, if you’re on the fence- just do it! You won’t regret it. I promise. I have these gorgeous pictures as memories for our family, forever.

On the day of the shoot, I felt a little stressed and was a dishevelled mess arriving straight from work but Rachael managed to make me feel comfortable from the moment I met her.

The studio was super easy to find, only 15 minutes from our place, with plenty of parking on site. The studio is private, clean and spacious with a comfy couch to relax on if you need.

After sharing my pictures with friends and family, I’ve had so many compliments and comments from women who wished they had booked a maternity shoot during their pregnancies.

BUT be warned- don’t go to just any photographer!

Rachael specialises In maternity and newborn, and has a wonderful eye for detail. She has loads of props and clothing in the studio and knows how to style each woman to accentuate our own unique beauty. I’m stressing this, because I had another mini-shoot done by an experienced freelance photographer and although we have those memories as well, the pictures/artistry just don’t compare. Rachael understands the female body in all it’s different forms, and deals with people from all walks of life. She is a true artist. I walked away feeling like a Queen!

So maybe now you feel a little braver? Want to know more? Pop over to the maternity page for all the info you need.

I really hope to meet more incredible women like Melissa and create stunning photos for you to enjoy for years beyond your pregnancy!

Rachael x