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professional newborn photo of newborn baby girl on cream fabric by professional newborn photographer beautiful bairns photography edinburgh

What if my baby doesn’t sleep during their newborn session? I get asked this a lot.

I get a lot of new parents who are worried that their newborn won’t sleep during their newborn session. And I want to reassure you! Don’t worry, I have been doing this for so long that I always have a backup plan!

During every newborn session I work around baby and their needs at all times.  By allowing baby to lead the session I can get to know them, their needs and what they are most comfortable with. If they are an awake and alert baby we do extra awake images until they fall asleep. If they seem unhappy being naked and prefer being wrapped like in the womb then we focus on that! I always say that baby is the boss in my studio. Having photographed newborns for the past ten years I am pretty good at reading their cues to know what they do and don’t like. And their safety and comfort is my priority for every session I do!

But I know that you REALLY want those sleepy shots. So I have some tricks up my sleeve. A warm cosy studio, white noise and a full belly always help a baby to drift off. And if they need a bit more time for this that is never a problem. Your baby won’t be rushed.

And if they do wake up? Well you can bet I will grab those shots too! I just love the curious expressions I get when baby has just woken up!

It is best to book your newborn session before baby arrives as newborns are best photographed under 14 days old! To book your newborn session please email me at or use the booking link on the newborn page.

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