In person pregnancy and baby classes Edinburgh

Pregnancy and baby classes Edinburgh & Midlothian

I have never needed face to face interaction with people more than when pregnant and then as a new mum. So I can only imagine how rubbish it has been for parents whose babies were born during or post pandemic. And actually I don’t have to imagine as you have been telling me!

At almost every newborn photoshoot, new mums and dads have told me how rubbish it has been. How hard it’s been to meet people. To build that elusive village we are all told we need. But how?! How if the one person you connected with lives in flipping Scarborough rather than Stockbridge? How to make new mum friends? Where to take your little one as a new Dad when everything seems to be for mums?

Thankfully now in the post pandemic era pregnancy and baby classes have resumed in person. So I have put together a list of what is available whether you are pregnant or have a new baby. If you know of any other classes in Edinburgh or the Lothians please do let me know so I can add their details!

Pregnancy Classes Edinburgh


Post Natal Classes Edinburgh


I will aim to update this blog with any new classes I hear about so please let me know if you find any gems!

Rachael x




Want to find out more about a newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh?

I would love to discuss what you are looking for in your newborn photographer. If you would like to meet in person in advance we can arrange an in studio consultation. That way you can ask any questions you have and find out if I am the right newborn photographer to capture this special time for you.

If you are currently pregnant and would like to find out more about our newborn photoshoots please click here for full details.

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